Why Physician Dispensing?

Physician dispensing allows for pre-packaged medications to be dispensed at the point-of-care to the patient in the quantities that are usually prescribed by that physician.

Studies have indicated that...
3 out of 4 patients would like their medications dispensed at the point-of-care (as opposted to having to make an extra trip to the pharmacy) if given the choice.
- 2007 study by Opinion Research Corp.

This is because having medications available at the time of the doctor visit, is the most convenient option for the patient. It allows the doctors to know that the right medications are being dispensed and improves patient adherence to taking their medications.
Studies show that... 36% of patients never even pick up their medications when handed a prescription to take to an off-site pharmacy.

On-site physician dispensing improves the quality and cost effectiveness of healthcare in today's market.


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