PedigreeRx Easy Scripts is not only a state-of-the-art,
web-based system, but a COMPLETE SOLUTION!

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A-S Medication Solutions LLC offers a new web-based physician dispensing solution to help improve the quality of healthcare while increasing revenue and driving down costs of patient care: The PedigreeRx Easy Scripts Dispensing Solution.
PedigreeRx is a simple system that enables healthcare providers to dispense prepackaged medications quickly and easily at the point-of-care with quick, reliable 3rd party claims processing using industry-leading scrubbing technology.

This new solution will help limit the financial risk and complexities of starting up your own medication dispensing business, while providing your patients with the added convenience, adherence, confidentiality and safety they deserve.

PedigreeRx is your adjudication miracle!

PedigreeRx provides a complete adjudication scrubbing process where we do all the work...

  • Claims service handeling with 24/7/365 technical support
  • Automatic inventory management
  • We handle all 3rd party payor issues on your behalf
  • Generates new revenue streams for your practice
  • View a complete list of Physician and Patient Benefits
  • We even provide a multi-language 800 number 24/7/365 to confidentially talk with a live technician and/or pharmacist about medication treatment, reordering medication, etc.

PedigreeRx Easy Scripts is geared to handle most clean transactions in only seconds!

We allow you to completely outsource:

  • Third party claims processes
  • Managed Care negotiating
  • Managed Care credentialing
  • Management support (NCPDP # and State licensure requirements)
  • Clean claims payment reconciliation

PedigreeRx Easy Scripts Solution, along with your EHR/EMR, makes medication delivery at the point-of-care a simple, automated process.